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SWFC   Pictures

Shanghai World Financial Center
SWFC Surrounded By Other Skyscrapers
The Top Of The Building with the Observation Bridge

SWFC Links

Jeffrey K. Herzer's fantastic SWFC web page
Hans Netten's SWFC Newsroom
Shanghai Lujiazui Financial District

The   Shanghai   World   Financial   Center   Page!!!

Futuristic, isn't it?

The Shanghai World Financial Center is probably the most radical departure from conventional skyscraper architecture since the Woolworth Building was completed in NYC in 1913. As you can see, the SWFC has not been completed but construction is underway since ground was broken in August of 1997. On this page, you can find some pictures of the SWFC as well as links containing SWFC information. Most of my pictures come from the High-Rise Pages by Hans Netten however the one above is copyright of Jeffrey K. Herzer.The SWFC should be completed in 2001 and will have 94 stories above ground and 3 below ground. The SWFC will be the centerpiece of the Lujiazui Financial District in Shanghai. So what about that hole on top of the building? Well, the hole was made to be aligned with a sphere on the newly constructed Oriental Pearl Tower nearby. By the way, there will also be a public observation bridge which you can see on the pictures. This structure will surely become the ultimate symbol for Shanghai as well as all of China.

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